What a silly way to spend my time

Or, "Contempt? I feel it for myself..."

I have a confession to make. I feel silly being the author of a website about Biblical problems. James Holding expresses his contempt for people like me who create websites with titles like "1001 Irrifutible Bible Contradictions" (sic). Well, his argument has some merit. I don't have a degree in something truly relevant like Theology, or Ancient Hebrew, or Middle-Eastern History.

And I feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the subject matter. The Skeptic's Annotated Bible lists some 400 alleged contradictions, 1200 alleged absurdities, and over 300 alleged factual errors. There is just no way I am going to get through everything. When I started I thought I'd be happy if I got through 50 alleged problems. As I write this, I'm closing in on 100 alleged problems listed, and I still feel that my work is horribly incomplete - and that it always will be.

I feel all the more silly since discussing Biblical problems is probably not how I would actually argue with a Christian about religion.

So... why did I make errancy.org at all? The answer's simple: "It didn't exist, so I had to create it." I was looking for a site on Biblical problems that made some effort to classify them according to how difficult they are. But if there is such a site, I haven't been able to find it. It would be great if an actual expert on the Bible had made such a site, so that I didn't have to. But the truth is, the sort of academic who is an expert on these matters is unlikely to do anything as vulgar and silly as making a website listing Biblical problems in perceived order of strength.

So, I present this website to you, amateurish and incomplete as it is, in the hope that a few people might find it stimulating, perhaps even useful.

Updated: 2009-03-01

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P.S. Since writing the above, a similar project has started at errancy.com.