Problem: Stars have existed for only 6,000 years?
Verses: Genesis 1:14-19; Status: Serious / "Weak"

(image) UGC 8335

Genesis 1:14-19 describes the creation of the stars, on the fourth day of creation. According to a fully literal reading of the Bible, taking all the chronologies completely at face value, this happened approximately 6,000 years ago.

Some people continue to hold this view. But it's completely untenable. Here's a picture of UGC 8335. What we're seeing is the aftermath of a galactic collision. The whole thing is a couple of hundred thousand light years across. Note how stars have been ejected out from each galaxy, while a bridge is also forming between them. This event has clearly been going on for millions of years, not thousands.

There are many other beautiful examples of such collisions, such as NGC 4676 and ESO 77-14.

This is Serious for any completely literal interpretation of Genesis, but Weak for old-Earthers, who don't take the chronologies at face value.

(No doubt there a zillion other problems with thinking the universe is 6,000 years old; I just use this as the most compelling example I could think of - and one with a nice picture!)

Updated: 2009-03-24

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