Problem: Daniel dated the eschaton at 163 BC
Verses: Daniel 10-12; Status: Unsure

The mainstream view of academic Biblical scholarship appears to be that the prophesies in the Book of Daniel predicted that the messianic era would start in 164 or 163 BC. This obviously never occurred.

The thrust of the argument seems to be that the later chapters (up until verse 11:39) accurately describe the reign of Antiochus IV Epiphanes. After 11:39, the author seems to be genuinely trying to predict the future (as opposed to doing prophecy after the fact) and predicts that the start of the messianic age would occur while this very same king was in power.

This is the view given by Wayne Sibley Towner in the Oxford Companion to the Bible. Sadly, investigating this would be way too much research for me. I'm just an amateur Bible scholar, after all. But I mention it so that you can do your own research if you wish.

Updated: Summer 2008

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