Problem: Our solar system before stars
Verses: Genesis 1:16; Status: Serious / "Weak"

Just as Genesis contradicts biology, it also contradicts cosmology. But since many inerrantists do not really buy into science at all, this problem is Weak for them. I will not try to prove science correct, but the important point is that one cannot say the Bible is entirely compatible with science.

Genesis 1:16 describes the creation of the stars, on the "fourth day". But this is supposed to have occurred after the creation of the Earth, which already had land and oceans (1:10) and life (1:11) on the "third day". Regardless of what these "days" really represent, the order of events is not in accordance with science, and our understanding that our solar system, while having many interesting properties, is still a relatively normal part of the universe; and certainly not the first solar system to exist.

Updated: 2009-08-30

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