Problem: Accounts differ on whether Jesus was unanimously condemned at his trial
Verses: Mark 14:64; Luke 23:50-51; Status: Minor

Shortly before his execution, Jesus is given a hearing before the local Jewish elders in a sort of kangaroo court. Mark's account suggests he was unanimously condemned. These are key points from Mark 14:53-64:

And they led Jesus to the high priest. And all the chief priests and the elders and the scribes came together. [...] Now the chief priests and the whole council were seeking testimony against Jesus to put him to death [...] "You have heard his blasphemy. What is your decision?" And they all condemned him as deserving death. (ESV)

Luke's account is fairly similar, but after the death of Jesus he writes the following (Luke 23:50-51):

Now there was a man named Joseph, from the Jewish town of Arimathea. He was a member of the council, a good and righteous man, who had not consented to their decision and action; and he was looking for the kingdom of God. (ESV)

Still, I doubt this is too problematic. One could argue that, when Mark says they all condemned him, he just means the group considered as a whole, or the overwhelming majority of the group. Alternatively, one could suggest Joseph of Arimathea simply wasn't present at the time of the hearing. Admittedly Mark seems to say that everyone in the council was present and seeking his death, but this could be written off as being close enough to the truth.

Thanks to R for suggesting this issue to me.

Updated: 2015-08-10

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